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Hamlet: Time is Out of Joint

Fri/Sat 7:30pm, Sun 3pm

$25 Gen Adm


"The test of love is vengeance: but love must be kept alive by memory: Remember Me."


Do our lives flash before our eyes at the moment of our death? What do we remember, what do we choose to forget? How long may one be gone before they may "properly be forgot?" Perception, regret, betrayal, loyalty, love - This is Hamlet.

with Hilary Appelman, Elizabeth Baptista, Jessica Karp, Evan Marcinkevage, Cynthia Mazzant, Elaine Meder Wilgus, Drew Pirrone-Brusse, Mary Rose Valentine, Laura Waldhier, Michael Waldhier

adapted and staged by Cynthia Mazzant

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