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First Fridays Downtown State College

Celebrate the Actor, Fan and Student in all of us!

Friday, May 3

Workshop 6-7pm

Reading Series 7:30pm


Theatre with Tempest Studios


Celebrate the Actor, Fan, and Student in all of us and take a workshop and/or join us for our new Reading Series. All for free!


First Fridays Downtown Stage College

Tempest Studios

140 Kelly Alley

(underneath the Fraser Street Garage)

Acting for the Stage – The Merry Month of May is Shakespeare! 6-7pm


We’ll play with fundamentals such as improvisation, ensemble-building, character analysis and development. Each month, we’ll tackle a different theme or genre - this month it’s Shakespeare for “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.” 

Out Loud – Shakespeare! 7:30pm


From “out out damned spot” to “how shall I compare thee” to – well you name it, you can hear it, you can even join us and speak it. Each month, Tempest will tackle a theme and perform the words out loud!

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